BE2811 – High Stability Current Source ±5A ±18V

The BE2811 module is a non-isolated high performance true current source designed to safely and reliably drive magnet loads up to 1H with excellent noise and stability performances. It is also perfectly suited to drive diodes in burn-in or characterization benches for instance.


The BE2811 is a 2-quadrant current source with transient 4-quadrant operation in order to sink the energy stored in the magnet when stopping the power supply or when applying large current changes.

Like all other ITEST products, this module can be customized to the need, including improved performances. Do not hesitate to contact us. Download the product’s datasheet to get the complete product specification.


  • Bipolar current source with no zero-crossing distortion
  • Analog and digital control loops offer outstanding noise and stability performances
  • Very Low noise: <25ppm peak-to-peak
  • Voltage and current read-back
  • Programmable current slope from 0,01A/s to 100A/s
  • Parallelable power supplies for higher current
  • No transient when powering on/off or switching on/off
  • Safe stop even in case of power outage
  • Proven MTBF > 1M hour
  • Synchronization between multiple sources using:
      • module’s hardware trigger input
      • chassis’ hardware trigger input
  • Custom version on-demand


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