The electronic industry requires always higher quality and reliability levels. The reliability of new component technologies such as GaN and SiC must be assessed by Life-Tests, and the quality of the manufacturing process must be checked by Burn-In Tests to remove parts with defects from a production batch.

Designing reliability test benches for electronic components is the historical business of ITEST.

To meet customer’s needs, we design and manufacture tailor-made test benches thanks to our long-standing expertise in electronics, wiring, mechanical design and software.

ITEST’s customers are mainly design or testing laboratories which are dealing with the improvement of high-end components, new component technologies or small to medium volume production.

ITEST can be involved in a project whatever the requested level:

  • We can solely supply our home-designed high reliability power supplies, thanks to our Power Supply System called BiLT, which is very competitive where multiple power supply channels are needed
  • We can design, produce and deliver a complete system according to your specification, based on our BiLT Power Supply System, starting at the initial description and ending with the on-site training.
TO257 Connection, for reliability test of electronic component

From the idea to the product, ITEST develops top-performing solutions:

  • Controlling and monitoring electronics are provided by our proprietary Power Supply System, a 19”-wide modular chassis. Many power supply or acquisition module models are available off-the-shelf. Customized or new module models can be developed.
  • Test bench is controlled by EasyStress, a PC software able to drive any ITEST test bench and third-party instruments as well
  • Advanced thermal solutions (heating/cooling plates, ovens, chillers) using either off-the-shelf or customized home-made products or third-party devices
  • Burn-in boards, test fixtures and any mechanical arrangement, wiring and integration.
  • Remote functions close to the tested device (pulse source, over-current circuit breaker…).
  • When possible, the periodic measurement of the component characteristics is performed on-site, on the same bench

The flexibility of the BiLT Power Supply System allows us to provide smart and competitive test benches. Key advantages are:

  • Ease to obtain any configuration using a combination of modules, many module models already available with no development costs
  • Competitive price as up to 14 modules can be inserted in a single 19”-wide BiLT chassis
  • Tight monitoring of parameters throughout the test thanks to high-end power supply modules
  • Easy integration of dedicated functions: a module designed according to a customer’s personal needs will take its place within the BiLT chassis, among the general purpose and standard modules.
  • Real time control and data logging are performed in the BiLT chassis, ensuring the highest reliability level. In case of power outage, no data is lost. In case of PC disconnection or crash, the test keeps on running, without any consequence.

Many customers have already entrusted ITEST with the construction of their test benches. Here are some of our achievements:

  • HTRB/HTGB/IOL burn in test bench for transistors (SiC, GaN…)
  • Burn in test bench for Laser Diodes, including light monitoring by photodiode or integrating sphere
  • Burn in test bench for Power Diodes
  • MMIC or RF amplifier Reliability test, DC or Pulsed
  • Burn in test of high-end digital components
  • Life test of Automotive Connectors (vibration or “slow motion”)

Contact our team if you would like to inquire for your future test bench