Main Application

Reliability test of electronic components

ITEST develops customized test benches to perform DC or Pulse reliability tests of: GaN/SiC transistors, Power Diodes, Laser Diodes, RF amplifiers, Digital Components, Automotive Connectors…

Particle Accelerator Power Supply

High-reliability and high-performance Magnet Power Supplies (fast or slow) for use in linear or circular particle accelerators, or to supply superconductive coils in smaller machines.

Quantum and Nano Physics

Highest-resolution and lowest-noise power supplies for the most demanding research applications.

Laboratory Instruments

Mix different types of quality, modular and re-usable instruments in a single, modern and small size apparatus

System Bilt


ITEST is an electronics engineering company founded in 1996 in the heart of the aeronautical and aerospace business. Our customers are worldwide based. All our products are developed, manufactured and tested in-house, to ensure the high quality of our equipment.

ITEST’s first business was the design and manufacturing of Reliability Test Benches. Our very first customers were leading manufacturer of satellites. After 20 years of use, these systems are still operating daily to ensure the reliability of electronic equipment.