The Laboratory Power Supply is one of the most important instruments in your lab, as it provides a stable, adjustable source of electricity for your circuits and experiments.

ITEST is focused on ensuring safe and reliable science experiments. We produce a broad range of quality power supply products and measuring instruments which are extremely popular in laboratories around the world.

Unlike many other products in the market, ITEST solution is modular. It is very convenient and competitive in research laboratories in order to:

  • Mix different types of quality instruments in a single, modern and small size apparatus
  • Replace several stacked power supplies from competitors
  • Move, re-use the instruments in other places or experiments

The small µBiLT chassis is perfect for desktop use, it can host up to 5 instruments (power supplies, acquisition modules). A larger chassis model is also available.

All instruments are controlled thanks to the same user-friendly control software BiLTLab, which is available under Windows or Linux. Of course, Labview drivers are provided as well, and the instruments can also be controlled thanks to programs developed in Python.

ITEST’s solution key performances are:

  • Modularity + large portfolio of available products
  • Safe operation under all circumstances, protects valuable DUTs
  • Excellent Reliability and density
  • Lower price per channel
  • Modern interface: USB and Ethernet
  • User-friendly Windows or Linux control Software + NI Labview drivers
  • Custom versions on-demand
Laboratory instruments

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