Since 1996

ITEST is a French electronics engineering company founded in 1996 in Toulouse, the European aeronautical and aerospace capital. It is a human-size company, made up of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers (mechanical, electronic, software) and technicians, recognized for its skills in the field of testing, its professionalism, its reactivity and its reliability.

ITEST’s first business was the design and manufacturing of Reliability Test Benches. One of our first customers is a leading manufacturer of satellites in Toulouse. First delivered systems are still operating after more than 20 years.

The BiLT system, whose name stands for Burn-in Life-Test, was developed as the platform of ITEST’s Test Benches. ITEST thus specialized in the design of high-reliability power supplies, measuring instruments and cooling/heating solutions.

itest history

In 2008

The first Fast Magnet Power Supply is developed for the BiLT System. It is used in a synchrotron to correct the position of the electron beam. Simultaneously, ITEST develops with AMCAD Engineering the first Pulse IV Source and Measurement System, used to characterize RF transistors.

In 2012

ITEST developed in partnership with CNRS (French national research center) its first high-resolution and high-stability voltage source for experiments in nanotechnologies.

In 2013

Two new highly stable Magnet Power Supply models are designed for the world’s first 4th-generation synchrotron.

In 2018

A customized Power Supply System is designed for the world’s second 4th-generation synchrotron.

In 2021

ITEST became subsidiaries of CGD Group, a French holding company which is a global player in the modeling of RF and power transistors and the development of RF amplifiers. CGD Group notably owns AMCAD Engineering, ITEST’s partner since 2008.

In 2022

ITEST has sold more than 7.000 power supplies to more than 1000 customers worldwide, and will continue to serve the scientific research community and industry customers with its high quality and state-of-the-art electronic chassis and power supplies.