ITEST responds to the needs of particle accelerators using its proprietary Power Supply System, equipped with dedicated magnet power supplies (or other types of current-controlled power supplies). More than 3000 ITEST power supplies are currently operating continuously in many accelerator facilities or industrial machines around the world.

Whether you are part of a large national or international accelerator facility, a university accelerator, a small experiment in a laboratory or an industrial company developing products using electron or proton beams, ITEST offers the most relevant power supply solutions in the market, from a single to thousands of power supply channels.

ITEST solution covers a wide range of applications, among them:

  • Upgrade from 3rd to 4th-generation synchrotrons
  • Fast Orbit Feedback (FOFB)
  • Correctors in circular or linear Accelerators (Linacs)
  • Sextupole correctors and Earth Compensation in storage rings
  • Booster and transfer line magnets
  • Heaters in High-Beta cavities of Spallation Sources
  • Superconducting magnets in small experiments
  • Alignment coils in electron beam systems
aimants picture for particle accelerator power supply

ITEST’s solution is the most reliable and cost-effective:

  • Rigorous design and manufacturing allow field proven MTBF over 1 million hours per module. No redundancy is thus required, and few spare parts are needed.
  • Less expensive and shorter delivery than accelerator’s internally designed power supplies, industrialization and reliability problems already solved.
  • Modular design allow the use of the same power supply platform for any model of power supply, including FOFB and slow corrector power supplies.

ITEST’s solution is designed for performance:

  • ITEST’s power supplies integrate power, measurement and regulation circuits, all in a small form factor card that saves space in existing accelerators and fits in existing cabinets (up to 14 power supply modules in one 19” chassis i.e. 14 to 56 channels)
  • State-of-the-art technologies (high frequency switching, ultra-low-drift without DCCT thanks to innovative measurement circuits, very low noise)
  • Field proven controller that does not need to be redesigned for new power supply models
  • Local control through USB thanks to a user-friendly control software (Windows or Linux)
  • Remote control through Ethernet (compatible with TANGO, EPICS), SCPI or ModBus-TCP protocols
  • Quick & Easy maintenance
Chassis picture for particle accelerator power supply

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