In the competitive landscape of demanding industrial applications, we understand the challenges that our clients often encounter. The need for a reliable and versatile power supply is paramount, particularly for critical applications such as particle accelerators and laser diode reliability testing. These sectors demand not only precise and stable current sources but also a solution that can minimize maintenance costs and reduce the need for redundancy.

ITEST responds to the needs of particle accelerators using its proprietary Power Supply System, equipped with dedicated magnet power supplies (or other types of current-controlled power supplies). More than 3000 ITEST power supplies are currently operating continuously in many accelerator facilities or industrial machines around the world. Whether you are part of a large national or international accelerator facility, a university accelerator, a small experiment in a laboratory, or an industrial company developing products using electron or proton beams, ITEST offers the most relevant power supply solutions in the market, from a single to thousands of power supply channels.

Precise current sources are essential when using electromagnets and laser diodes for several reasons:


Electromagnets rely on the current flow through a coil to generate a magnetic field. The strength of the magnetic field is directly proportional to the current passing through the coil. A stable and accurate current source is required to control and manipulate the magnetic field precisely. Maintaining a consistent and uniform magnetic field is critical for reliable and accurate results in applications like MRI machines, particle accelerators, or industrial automation. Precise current sources ensure that the magnetic field remains constant, reducing variations and errors.

Laser Diodes

Laser diodes generate light through stimulated emission of photons. The output power of a laser diode is directly proportional to the current passing through it. A precise current source is required to control and maintain the desired optical output power level. The wavelength of light emitted by a laser diode also depends on the current passing through it. Precise control of the current ensures wavelength stability for fiber optics and spectroscopy applications; device longevity by avoiding current overrides responsible for premature failure and the beam quality, essential in laser cutting or medical lasers.

ITEST solution covers a wide range of applications, among them:

  • Upgrade from 3rd to 4th-generation synchrotrons
  • Fast Orbit Feedback (FOFB)
  • Correctors in circular or linear Accelerators (Linacs)
  • Sextupole correctors and Earth Compensation in storage rings
  • Booster and transfer line magnets
  • Heaters in High-Beta cavities of Spallation Sources
  • Superconducting magnets in small experiments
  • Alignment coils in electron beam systems
aimants picture for particle accelerator power supply

ITEST’s solution is the most reliable and cost-effective:

  • Rigorous design and manufacturing allow field proven MTBF over 1 million hours per module. No redundancy is thus required, and few spare parts are needed.
  • Less expensive and shorter delivery than accelerator’s internally designed power supplies, industrialization and reliability problems already solved.
  • Modular design allow the use of the same power supply platform for any model of power supply, including FOFB and slow corrector power supplies.

ITEST’s solution is designed for performance:

  • ITEST’s power supplies integrate power, measurement and regulation circuits, all in a small form factor card that saves space in existing accelerators and fits in existing cabinets (up to 14 power supply modules in one 19” chassis i.e. 14 to 56 channels)
  • State-of-the-art technologies (high frequency switching, ultra-low-drift without DCCT thanks to innovative measurement circuits, very low noise)
  • Field proven controller that does not need to be redesigned for new power supply models
  • Local control through USB thanks to a user-friendly control software (Windows or Linux)
  • Remote control through Ethernet (compatible with TANGO, EPICS), SCPI or ModBus-TCP protocols
  • Quick & Easy maintenance
Chassis picture for particle accelerator power supply

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