ITEST products are designed towards highest reliability. All products are covered by a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. After this warranty period, extended service plans can be purchased. Otherwise, single-event repair service is available.

General Support

In case of technical questions or problems with ITEST products please contact your sales agent or our company directly by phone, email or through this website.

Before contacting ITEST, Read the “Solving known issues” chapter in the module or BiLT user manual.

Always contact the after-sales service to get a technician’s approval prior to any shipment of the products.

For customers outside the European Economic Community (EEC), a particular procedure must be followed to avoid customs fees. Unauthorized or irregular shipments will be returned to the sender.

For any request, please provide:
• Company and customer name
• Product serial numbers
• Fault description, conditions of use

Address to return products:
2 rue Joseph Hubert
31130 BALMA

Please note that any shipment to the factory has to be paid for by the owner. In case of warranty repairs, ITEST will return the product(s) free of charge.

To ensure the integrity of your measurements despite unavoidable test equipment drift, we can calibrate your test equipment using proprietary, automated, OEM-designed performance verification and adjustment procedures.

We use the same calibration processes in our workshop as well as when we perform calibration at your site.

Along with a comprehensive calibration report, your equipment is returned operating to its factory-shipped accuracy specifications.

Our calibration laboratory performs according to the technical requirements of ISO/CEI 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. All measurements are traceable to the International System of Unit thanks to scheduledcalibration of our measurement standards by accredited companies.

The recommended calibration periodicity of our products is 1 or 2 years depending on model.

Contact us to get a quote:

Due to obsolete components and in the case of new developments, existing products can be discontinued without further notice. If an ITEST product is not shown in the product section of the current website, it may have been discontinued.

ITEST is performing service for discontinued products as long as spare parts are available.