Quantum information and nanotechnology are transforming the next generation of information technologies. Research on these topics requires high-end electronics supplies to polarize nanostructures, or supply low-noise electronic circuits for instance.

ITEST’s Power Supply System perfectly suits the need of demanding experiments. Some of our products have been developed in partnership with CNRS, the French national scientific research institute. Together with ITEST expertise, this has led to the most performant, reliable and versatile solution available on the market.

ITEST products for quantum and nanophysics are usually available in stock and can be shipped all over the world. There are present in all continents in the most renown public or private research laboratories.

Our DAC/power supplies can be used:

  • As programmable supply for low-noise cryogenic amplifiers
  • To polarize of nanostructures, nanotube, graphene, quantum devices, 2D high conductivity gases…
  • To supply small superconducting coil in cryostats
  • To supply noise-sensitive device power supply, such as PLL, cameras, signal converters (ADC,DAC)…
  • As battery replacement for ultra-low noise applications
Quantum and nano physics

The proposed ITEST solution is based on a chassis (platform) into which modules, chosen by the customer, can be inserted. Relevant very-low-noise power supply modules for quantum and nanophysics applications are: BE214x , BE2231. Browse the description of these modules for more information.

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