BN210 – BiLT chassis with 14 module slots, 500W

Our BiLT chassis was developed for applications requiring many power channels and/or high power output. It is capable of powering all cards with a high level of power. With its cost-effective modular platform, our BiLT chassis has excellent power path density : It can accomodate up to 14 BiLT modules.



BiLT chassis with 14 module slots, 500W

This reliable chassis is ready to use thanks to its integrated BE719 Controller, 500W power supply and USB & Ethernet ports.

BiLTLab PC software is provided at no extra cost and allows to intuitively control a chassis and its inserted modules under Windows® or Linux. NI LabviewTM drivers are provided as well. Other VISA-compatible programming languages can be used such as Python and LUA. EPICS and TANGO servers can also control a network of BiLT chassis in large scientific facilities.

ITEST offers a large portfolio of quality power supply and measurement modules for scientific and industrial applications. Unbeatable density and performances can be achieved thanks to this chassis model, at the most competitive price.


    • • 19” wide, 4U stand-alone system
    • • Up to 500W of output power
    • • 10/100 Ethernet and USB interface
    • • Embedded Linux OS
    • • SCPI protocol
    • • Remote firmware update of chassis controller and modules
    • • Windows® or Linux Control software


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