BE2141 – Voltage Source: ±12V ±15mA, 4 output channels

The BE2141 voltage source is a high-end bipolar voltage source developed for research applications requiring extremely low noise and/or high resolution and stability (quantum computing, nanotechnology, low-noise amplifiers, etc.). Co-created with the CNRS, the BE2141 can be transformed into a current source to power, for example, a superconducting magnet or any other component that drives current.



This voltage source module features 4 independent output channels with unrivaled electrical performances. All channels are isolated and share the same ground.

Developed in partnership with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), these reliable voltage sources offer the best level of resolution, noise and density available on the market. It is primarily aimed at high-end scientific experiments, where only one up to hundreds of channels are needed.

Sources are 4 quadrants and features two programmable ranges: ±1.2V and ±12V. They can output up to ±15mA.

Programming resolution is 21 bits over the bipolar range, wide-band noise is lower than 4ppm peak-to-peak of the selected range. The noise spectrum shows no more than the output noise of a very low-noise operational amplifier (3nV/√Hz at 1kHz).

Two source models are available:

  • BE2141, with no current read-back
  • BE2142, with read-back current measurement

These voltage sources are regulated, unlike competitor products. Together with optional-use 4-wire connection, these features ensure perfect voltage stability next to the DUT, whatever the current drawn by the load.

Thanks to the 4-wire connection feature, these voltage sources can be turned to high-end current sources, using an external shunt. This is particularly useful to supply small coils in low-temperature experiments, where the best level of electrical noise is essential.

Valuable DUTs will be protected. Safe operation is guaranteed under all circumstances, you will see no output transient when powering on or off the chassis, when starting or stopping a source, or in case of power outage.

Several sources can be synchronized to start and stop together, delays can also be programmed between sources. Source output actuation can be triggered as well, thanks to a hardware trigger input or a software command.

The best companion to host this module is the BN203 chassis, or the BN210 chassis if you need a rack-mount solution or many modules.

Like all other ITEST products, this module can be customized to the need, including improved performances. Do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Four independent ±12V ±15mA voltage sources
  • Two voltage ranges : ±1.2V and ±12V
  • 21-bits programming and read-back resolution (1ppm)
  • A few µV of noise
  • Up to 52 channels in a single 19” chassis


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