BE2860 – Current Source: ±1.5A 3V, 4 output channels

Extremely low-noise bipolar Magnet or Diode Power supplies for the most demanding applications: particle accelerators, reliability test of noise-sensitive laser diodes…



This 4-channel bipolar current source module is the right choice when requiring the tightest noise performances. It can be used to supply small coils (up to 1mH) or Diodes.

Thanks to ITEST deep expertise in low-noise analog electronics, this power supply offers the best noise performances available on the market: 4ppm peak to peak (10Hz-10kHz).

Exceptional 1.000.000 hours field proven MTBF decreases maintenance costs and suppress the need for redundancy in critical applications, such as particle accelerators.

The best companion to host this module is the BiLT 19” chassis. This 4U-high chassis can be populated with up to 14 current source modules, offering an unrivaled power supply density that will always fit in existing cabinets. The chassis modern and robust Ethernet Controller operates 24/7 for years without fault.

Like all other ITEST products, this module can be customized to the need, including improved performances. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Download the product’s datasheet to get the complete product specification.


  • 4 independent output channels
  • 5A 3V bipolar current sources
  • Drives small coils (up to 1mH) or diodes
  • 16-bit programming resolution
  • Voltage and current read-back
  • Very low 4ppm noise peak-to-peak
  • Stability 10ppm typ. for 8 hours
  • TCR 10ppm/°C typ.
  • Proven MTBF: 1 million hours


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